This self-care guide is perfect for the leader who needs to be held accountable for taking care of themselves. Leaders receive a guide, like this one, in their Caring Leader Box.

As you start the year off in your new role, these 5 tips will help you walk in to the position with confidence. Following these tips will set the foundation of your 3 Rs-Relationships, Response, and Resilience. 

As you begin your leadership journey, having a solid leadership philosophy is important. This guide will help you process through creating your leadership philosophy with ease.

This manual is designed to ELEVATE the aspiring or new assistant principal. Complete with focused questions, relevant topics, and reflection opportunities, this 10 session manual can be used during mentorship meetings or as a reference for the new AP. Whether you are a new AP looking for something to guide you in your first year, or a veteran AP seeking a tool to help you facilitate the meetings with your mentee, this manual is just for you! (One-time purchase)